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Community Management Statement

The community management statement (CMS) is what defines a body corporate. A body corporate is created by a developer when a survey plan of the land, and a CMS, is registered with the Titles Office. The CMS sets out what regulation module applies; what land forms part of the scheme; what proportion each lot has for the levies and land; the by-laws that bind every lot owner and occupier; and the exclusive use (if any) for each lot.


Without the CMS, you can’t know anything about the body corporate or how it should operate. Your body corporate manager should have a copy – otherwise, it can be purchased from the Titles Office.


Do executive committee members have extra powers or do they get more than one vote if they hold more than one position, such as chairperson and treasurer?


No. One committee member has one vote only. The executive positions of chairperson, secretary and treasurer are positions of responsibility – the executive position must carry out their respective duties, and they do not give extra powers. All committee members, whether or not they are executive members, are equal when it comes to voting. Executive committee members cannot decide anything by themselves. A committee decision may only be made by the whole committee.

Common service provide for past clients 

  • Preparation of a CMS for registration

  • Advice on the effect of a CMS

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