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A Community Title Scheme (CTS) comprises of jointly administered lots (scheme land) and the Community Management Statement (CMS) that defines that administration. 

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) introduced community title schemes to better administer group titles, building units and strata corporations.

Community titles schemes allow for flexible living arrangements where a person can privately own an area of land or part of a building as well as share common property areas with other owners. Examples of common property range from a shared driveway or letterbox area to communal lifts and stairways, swimming pools, tennis courts, roadways, and golf courses.

Before buying a property within a community title scheme, it is important to ensure that you fully understand and are mindful of the structure, risks, and costs that are associated with the complex. Gaining expert legal advice from our body corporate lawyers who will relieve you from the complexities of the transaction so you can focus on enjoying your new property. 


Common service provide for past clients 

  • Reading of documents and advising new CMS registration

  • Filing and serving notice of withdrawal of an appeal

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