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  • Creation of a body corporate​

  • Subdivision and amalgamation

  • Termination of a community titles scheme

A body corporate is established when a CMS and survey plan is registered with the Titles Office. Before this is done, lots are usually sold ‘off the plan’, meaning that the lots are sold before they even come into existence. The sale and purchase of lots off the plan require certain legislative conditions to be met.

A body corporate may also wish to purchase or sell common property, or a lot owner may wish to subdivide or amalgamate their lot. These may require council approval. It is also possible for a body corporate to be dissolved if all lot owners agree to it.

Common service provide for past clients 

  • Establishing a body corporate and selling lots off the plan

  • Advice on the requirements to subdivide or amalgamate lots

  • Facilitating the acquisition of common property

  • Terminating a community titles scheme

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