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Disputes can happen for many reasons. Whatever your issue, we can manage your entire dispute from end-to-end and work with you toward resolution.

Disputes are common in a community titles scheme. The law encourages self-resolution for disputes, but sometimes you need to take a formal approach.

Disputes typically concern the calculation and payment of levies, lot entitlements, by-laws (including by-laws concerning smoking, pets and parking), services and facilities, property damage, maintenance and use of common property, overhanging trees and drainage problems, noise, and other complaints or issues between unit owners. Depending on the dispute, we can assess the situation and provide you with tailored advice on your rights and how to resolve the dispute.

Our team of experienced Body Corporate lawyers regularly act in large and complex disputes arising in Queensland and are ready to help you.

Common service provide for past clients 

  • Negotiation with developers

  • Letters of advice and demand

  • Litigation and adjudication

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