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Keeping a pet in a body corporate property.

Bringing your furry friend home for the first time is a joyous experience, but regardless of what type of animal it is, be it a cat, dog, or guinea pig, if you live in, or plan to purchase a body corporate property, you must first obtain body corporate permission prior to keeping a pet.

Being told by the real estate agent that the building is pet-friendly is not enough. The only exception to the rule is for guide, hearing, or assistance dogs and other support animals.

Owners and occupiers often have a range of concerns about having animals in a community titles scheme. The main issue for a body corporate is the likelihood of a negative impact on common property, or on any person living at or visiting the scheme.

The genuine concerns of most owners can be eased by setting reasonable conditions, which may be more appropriate than outright refusal. An application should be made before you bring an animal onto scheme land.

If the body corporate refuses to approve a pet application, there are several routes we can help you take. This includes writing a letter to the body corporate about your desire to keep an animal and, if that fails, assistance with conciliation and adjudication to attempt to overturn a decision by the body corporate.

Common service provide for past clients 

  • Letter of advice regarding pet approval

  • Preparing application for pet

  • Challenging decisions of BC

  • Letter of advice regarding challenging by-laws

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