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Security Cameras

Surveillance is a recurring point of contention.

Security cameras in a body corporate are becoming frequent topics of discussion. Some times they are used by people to spy on others, and other times they are simply there to protect property when no-one else will.

In Queensland, it is generally okay to take video footage to protect your property, but the law surrounding audio records can become fraught. We know of situations where people have installed security cameras to protect their property from other lot owners, only to have those other lot owners use the law as a weapon to threaten them with criminal action. Some audio recordings might not be able to be used as evidence.

Some cameras may be permitted to be installed as a security device pursuant to by-laws, but their positioning, whether they record video and audio, and even their colour can be an issue.

Common service provide for past clients 

  • Advice on by-law compliance for security cameras

  • Advice on criminal responsibility for security cameras

  • Advice on the admissibility of evidence obtained by security cameras

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